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Palazzolo Acreide
Q92 Noto Hotel - Boutique Hotel in Sicily

Palazzolo Acreide

The famous area of Val di Noto, is a large area dominated by the capital of Baroque. It’s located in South-Eastern Sicily lapped by the waves of the Ionian and Mediterranean Seas and characterised by the most important cities of the provinces of Syracuse and Ragusa, most of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. With a temperate year-round climate Sicily, and in particular the Val di Noto, is a dream for all seasons for all ages where la dolce vita reigns: from gastronomy, enology and numerous cultural events, to architectural and archaeological sites, religious celebrations and beaches known to be among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean.

Within an hour from Noto it’s easy to reach fascinating cities rich in history and cultural such as Syracuse, Modica, Scicli or Ragusa as well as a large number of ancient Greek ruins, pristine beaches and areas of outstanding natural beauty. The ancient historic centre of Syracuse, Ortigia, is just a 30-minute drive along the highway.

Val di Noto, an expansive, unspoilt area of Sicily, with Noto as the focal point, is a magical mix of art, culture, excellent food and wine, countryside filled with ancient olive and carob trees, and moments of relaxation on some of the prettiest beaches in Italy. An experience you’ll never forget.

A trip to Sicily without tasting the wines or the incredible olive oil wouldn’t be a worthwhile trip! Not only does Sicily charm the visitor and discerning traveller with its outstanding natural beauty, sights, sounds and flavours it tempts everyone who visits with its cuisine, art, culture and impressive wine territories.

The island of Sicily is rich in authentic cultural and culinary traditions including slow food and slow living. It’s home to some delicious delicacies including the Sicilian Red Orange, the Pachino Tomato, Syracuse Feminnello Lemon, the Pizzuta di Avola Almond and the Ispica Novella Carrot. The olive oils from Sicily are in the class of their own and the Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Oliva Monti Iblei DOP is exceptional; with a characteristic green tomato aroma and flavour it’s a true connoisseurs extra virgin olive oil.

In the Val di Noto, a few kilometres from Q92 Noto Hotel, the evocative setting of wild nature, North African climate and beautiful Baroque architecture, there are some wonderful gastronomic and cultural itineraries and experiences to be enjoyed. A great place to start is with wine tastings of native Sicilian white wines such as Catarratto, Inzolia,Zzibibbo or Malvasia, the famous red Nero D'Avola DOC and lesser known gems such as Moscato di Noto, an excellent dessert wine.

There are plenty of routes to explore but the two main ones at the top of our list of recommendations include one that starts at Noto and winds inland to Rosollini and Ispica, and the second one straddles the region around the territories of Avola and runs along the coast to Pachino, home to the famous Pachino tomato.

The Q92 Noto Hotel staff can easily arrange tastings at the vineyards, exclusive visits to wineries and traditional olive oil farms where you can savour exquisite Netino olive oil and other typical Sicilian products.

Sicilian cuisine is like a kaleidoscope of traditions and experiences stratified over almost three millennia. From the Greeks to the Romans, from the Arabs to the Normans, Spaniards, French and Savoy, the local culinary identity is a perfect combination of experiences, local customs and traditions from all over the Mediterranean. Sicilian cuisine is undoubtedly one of the most famous Italian regional cuisines and our territory, the Val di Noto, contributes to this fame in abundance with its tomatoes, wines, olives, almonds, fruits and cheeses.

A stay in Val di Noto would be incomplete without tasting the fruits of the land and what better way to do this than learning how to cook traditional regional dishes with zero kilometre food.

Ask the concierge at Q92 Noto Hotel to organise a tasting or cooking course for you so you can enjoy a culinary regional experience during your stay.

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